High-Speed, Intense, And Uncensored Motorcycle Accidents Hard To See!

Watch your blind spot, watch out for those on bikes, a motorcyclist’s nightmare starts when the wheels stop spinning. Something you never want to hear when on a bike, are the sounds of squealing tires, and knowing they can't stop in time. In these videos there was no need for the helmet, the tires were the judge and jury as semi-trucks smack the hammer down on innocent bike riders. Weaving in and out of traffic, a driver of a truck fails to see that guy on the bike, the sounds of crashing and the puddles of blood are the end result to this catastrophe. Inside there is always need for more than one body bag when the victims of these accidents take their final ride to the morgue. Some of these videos will reaffirm the reason most mothers don't want their kids to ever buy a motorcycle.