Once You’ve Seen These WTF Clips, You Can’t Unsee Them!

What the fuck was that, and can I see it again? I asked myself with each video here. I keep slipping back in and wondering why, and how it happened. Nasty, hard, and out of control scenes unfolding right before your eyes. Who would think going to the emergency room could result in being stabbed multiple times, or that there was that much blood in the human body. The shock value is so high here and you will be left rubbing over your eyes as you watch again just to make sure your eyes are playing tricks on you. The mind is the devil’s playground, and something is running amuck here. This is proof that the world is in a state of disarray, and demise. Limb for limb, or lack of them, there won’t be anything held back, or sweetened for your viewing pleasure. Enter at your own risk.